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Is Curiosity Required for Regeneration? w/ Clara Zander
Is Curiosity Required for Regeneration? w/ Clara Zander
"Figure out your land and what it needs and where you are; one of the most important things when working with the land, is that you have to be working with someone, not just following someone."

What is the role of curiosity in land management? Why are we, the iconoclasts of the “regenerative farming movement” who challenge big agriculture, big tech, big business, so often afraid of challenging ourselves? No, not challenging, improving.

In this episode, Clara and I question the role and potential need for curiosity, what it may look like, and how The Wild Way Farm and Timshel Wildland are going about their curious operations.

Some key questions:

  1. What are the role of leaders? Does our unabashed devotion to thought leadership help or taint our own ability to meet the highly contextual needs of our local place?

  2. What is curiosity and how do we utilize its enigmatic force to regenerate our place?

  3. Why are we so quick to shelter improvement from internal challenges? For instance … comfrey to chickens instead of grains or wild breeding with cows instead of controlling the operation? As we work to challenge big agriculture, why do we so often fail to challenge ourselves? Better question … why are we so often afraid to challenge ourselves?